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The K Dallas Goode Ltd™ was established in 1985 and materialized in 2005 when Kedesha Dallas, now Goode began her enthusiastic and intentional journey to tap into her gifts and talents by pursuing her dreams of being an Author, an Empowerment Speaker & Coach, a World Language Educator & Translator, Fashion Designer, and the Creative Curator for artistic projects. Presently, The K Dallas Goode Ltd™ is the umbrella brand/company that houses all the following brands:

1.Icebreakers World Languages Program© – EDUCATION 

2.Empowerment Conversations© – SPEAKING, WRITING, COACHING

3.The Creative Goodeness Hub© – ART & CRAFT, STATIONERY, OTHER

4. HugUp© Scarves & Ponchos – CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES 

5. START© Mind. Body. Soul – Gym Apparel, Health, wellness and Fitness 

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Excellence & Purposeful

The Goode Team

Kedesha Dallas Goode

Kedesha was born and raised in Kingston Jamaica, she is the eldest of 4 siblings, a dedicated mother and a devout wife to her Husband Evon Goode. She always dreamt of creating positive ripple effects throughout the world by honing and materializing all her gifts and talents. Kedesha prides herself on integrity and excellence which have been and continue to be the hallmark of everything that she does.

“I enjoy helping and cheering on someone else to realize and actualize their God given purpose(s) so that their passions will be unveiled successfully”
– Kedesha

Evon Goode

Evon was born and raised in Linstead, St Catherine. He spent his young teen into adult life in Kingston, Jamaica where he would capitalize on an early opportunity as an accounting clerk. As God’s plan would have it, his visionary, democratic and servant-like personality and leadership attributes landed him a promotional role as Property Manager of a Construction Company. Evon is an all rounded individual, a supportive father, a family man and a committed husband to wife, Kedesha. His core characteristics and beliefs that drive his survival principles are: lending a helping hand, doing good to all persons and being true to yourself no matter what.

“Excellence in Everything. Powered by a Purpose”

brand promise

Our Philosophy

Think on Purpose. Live on Purpose. Execute on Purpose. Exploring and expanding all our God given gifts and talents.

Master Strategy

We will remain current with market changes and technological advancements so that our growth and development are long term driven while relevant in the short term.

We will establish and maintain solid partnerships for company and/or brand(s) expansion.

Vision Statement

Our company’s overarching and undergirding vision of philosophy is to offer exclusive, dynamic, unique, cutting edge, excellent and practical products and/or services that will cater to any person, group, or organization’s needs and requirements. Our core focus is to lean into market standards and best practices so that innovation, strategy and change will allow us to be leaders not only by products and services but also through the substance of all our brands.

Mission Statement

Our mission is embody excellence and integrity through all our products, to do this, our aim is: to deliver effective and solid world language immersion educational programs; to command national and international speaking stages by helping a wide array of audiences to position their passions in order to populate their purpose; to provide unique handmade clothing accessory pieces for all occasions, tastes, and styles; to create a variety of art/craft items for all occasions that are colourfully crafted, creatively assembled and passionately produced; to take care of, train and discipline God’s temple through the provision of holistic and realistic health and wellness programs; to supply workout enthusiasts and prospects with comfortable, classy and unique athletic apparel.






K Dallas Goode Ltd


Kedesha Dallas Goode