Empowerment Conversations May 2018

As humans – one thing is absolutely sure – we all have different characteristics, thoughts, methods of operating, ideas of living and philosophies about life itself. In a similar way our individual perspectives can make or break us within our struggles, pain and problems that we face ever so often. It’s so interesting to observe how two or more persons can look at the same painting and conclude surprisingly separate explanations of its meaning. That’s the sheer essence of perspective – the way we see situations whether good or bad reflects our point of view. We all have situations that are negatively mind blowing and physically draining. It may not change overnight or in the blink of an eye, but our outlook can! We have to know what situations and/or circumstances we can work with and which ones we are willing to walk away from. Then truthfully ask yourself – WHY?


Sun-light is very powerful, it is said to be able to light up the ocean up to 80 meters. Darkness, on the other hand, blocks the light from the sun and forms a shadow. Who wants to be associated with the gloom of darkness when the radiance of light is so dominant and effective.

Is there a light inside of you? Do you feel like the outer darkness of life influenced by harsh realities are dimming your light? How can you keep your light blazing even when everything seems to be hopelessly dark around you? Darkness dampens your hopes of making possibilities visible. Light brightens your path to victory. When you experience the love of God through Jesus Christ, you will have light even in your darkest hour(s).

Do you want to be a potent illuminator or just a mere shadow?



They say encouragement sweetens labour in the same way wouldn’t visibility would sweeten our faith. Oh yes! Absolutely!
Imagine this – two hot cups of tea, one with sugar and the other without. Then picture someone who despises the idea of drinking tea but have to, his or her encouragement or motivation for gulping down that tea is knowing that the sweetener would give it a more appealing taste. Now `picture someone who loves tea but has to drink it to help with some sickness, after constant drinking nothing much happens. In this case the avid tea drinker would be encouraged by some positive proof that their labour will not fail.
Both scenarios exemplify some amount of failure and require a lot of faith. Increased faith means failure is imminent but your growth is consistent.


While your purpose, sometimes, may be clear in your mind, the process is what can be daunting! Everybody wants to get to the mountain top, but dread the climb.
Why?! Why?!
That’s because the process (of gaining anything) requires so much more out of us than the achievement of the PURPOSE itself. The strongest yet hardest characteristic that hovers over us is PATIENCE! Whether we like it or not, we have to wait. Waiting erupts a volcano of emotions that range from:

§ Happiness to know that we have discovered our purpose;
§ Expectation of the best outcome;
§ Disruption fuelled by unpredictable disappointments;
§ Anger due to impatience and uncertainty
§ Fluctuating faith because of what cannot be seen as it is perceived

in the mind.
The beauty of the process is, it manifests the true substance of the purpose. The moment you recognize the lessons of each experience (good or bad) connected to the process, is the point in your personal growth that you will discover – mental muscle. It has to be strengthened with positive dumbbells consistently pumping tenacity and push into your being so that anger and frustration will not derail or demotivate your ability to reach your destination – the purpose.
When you recognize your purpose, pay attention to the hills and valleys of the process so that your attitude will not stunt your progress towards your purpose. You cannot accomplish the purpose without going through the process. True faith is praising God while you are heading to the destination (your purpose) because it is, indeed, easier to praise God when you get what you have always wanted. Don’t allow bitter to overwhelm better; don’t let anger prevail over wisdom. God’s will must be fulfilled in your life. Pay attention to the Process!


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