A dream starts with a vision, a hope and a desire to materialize that which you cannot yet touch. You cannot want it and not even wish for it! The moment when you realize that you have a God given purpose and/or talent start step one. PRAY without ceasing! Dedicate some solid time to prayer, seek out God’s guidance and direction, tap into the quiet moments of your heart so that you can listen to yourself wanting to succeed; so that you can ‘put some pep’ in your steps to create the success that you crave; that success which seems unattainable which really is within reach, if you pray with grit, and without ceasing.

Communing with God creates clarity so that He will order your steps, instead of being victimized and distracted by everybody else’s dreams for you, focus on your forward flow. Do not refuse to fight with prayer, fight means stand up and challenge God, challenge Him to fulfill His promises in you. You have to own your prayer! Let your requests be made known to God and allow Him direct you. When you become inexplicably tired of waiting, pray some more, when you become tired of praying stay committed to the promise that God will make a way! Hold on! The right time, the right opportunity and the right attitude to receive your breakthrough will
come! Be tough to wait and watch how you act while waiting.


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