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At the Creative Goodness Hub© we are creatively crazy, passionately artistic and all our products are colorfully crafted. We aim to please our clients and materialize their visions for any purpose, whether it is: wedding invitations, favors and programs; guest boards, birthday or corporate event invitations, clothes tags for designers, business cards, gift boxes and so much more, we can do it!
“I love to create something outstanding from nothing; I absolutely enjoy waking up a dream to materialization”

Some of Our Works

Christmas Garland

Wedding Invitations

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Clothes Tag & Business Card



Thank you Kedesha, these notepads add a unique personal touch to my stationery stash.

Kerry Ann Pinnock Tomlinson


Kedesha I finally got to go through the package. It is lovely. I am really happy I made the investment in getting this planner, that has scriptures to keep me grounded in the word. Great job in putting it together. it was well thought out and divinely inspired.
Simone Foster

Journal & Planner Purchase

I absolutely loved my wedding invitations! The personal service I received was exceptional and delivery was fast. Kedesha was very patient with me to ensure that she captured the very essence of the theme we envisioned for our special day. She paid great attention to every detail to ensure that the invitations came out exactly how we wanted.
Sheree Forden

Wedding Invitations

Listen, anytime you get this journal, just start! I must say I have purchased and gotten many journals in my life. Some were too pretty to write in because I didn’t want my handwriting and some not so interesting so they fall by the wayside.
This one drops braps in the middle. The pages are smooth and nice and the pen just moves freely. It makes me want to write and not only write but be conscious about what I am writing. I am really in love with it and guess what it is walking right up my street as I am building my daily prayer altar.

Claudine Campbell-Bryan

Journal & Planner Purchase






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Kedesha Dallas Goode