Hug Up Clothing

“Everyone’s sense of style should not be dictated by any one standard, instead their unique sense of style should captivate and reflect their being (personality) and having (comfort level) . Love the style that suits you and be confident with it.”

Scarves, Ponchos & Headbands

HugUp Scarves and Ponchos was established in 1985 and materialized in 2018. Kedesha’s profound love and purposeful passion for luxury fashion and style is reflected through her first brand of clothing line. These pieces cater to any woman who wants to showcase and enhance their class, confidence and unique sense of style.
Each piece is carefully thought out and hand picked by Kedesha who loves to differentiate the clothing accessory pieces according to individual tastes and glamour.
She credits her vision and ideas to the gift God has given her to create, inspire and visualize the unimaginable.
The clothing accessory pieces should be worn with love and luxury. All the items can accessorize and/or complement your attire or you can use your creativity to invent your own twist to the styles.

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HugUp Clothing: The Official Launch – 2018






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