Mind. Body. Soul

START: Mind. Body. Soul is a husband and wife inspired collaboration to make health and wellness an intentional awareness for everyone everywhere. Our aim is to bring you back-to-basics so that your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health will align and arise to reflect your best self – as God would have it.

Your Temple. Your Mission. Your Decision … We can help you.

Our brand offers:

Athletic Apparel for Men & Women

Graphic Tshirts

Athletic Accessories - Water Bottles, Resistance Bands, Tote & Duffle Bags, Towels, Ear pods, Palm Protectors, Gloves, Ab roller, headbands

Meal Plans

Smoothie Powders

Being healthy is a journey which is not always easy but a START will release your discipline momentum and set you on a mission to move. We want you to take care of your mind, your body and your soul not by wishing nor hoping, simply by STARTING to: Move and feed your body through exercise and wholesome food; Fortify your mind through inspirational and uplifting words and practices; and Revitalize your soul through the word of God. We started and so can you!

Your Temple. Your Mission. Your Decision … We can help you.

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